Cold Finished Steel BarsCoil to Bar

Cold Finished Steel Bars Coil to Bar

Small- and medium-diameter cold finished steel bars have been used at production sites where stable advanced quality is required for a long time, including sites for automobiles, electric products and office automation equipment. Cold finished steel bars, which are continuously drawn from high-class hot-rolled wire rods, enable a stable supply of important security components and precision parts combined with high productivity and the perfect inspection system.


Dimensions 5 to 40mm
Shape Round, hexagonal, square, deformed
Steel grade Carbon steel, free cutting steel, alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel, non-heat treated steel, soft magnetic material
Heat treatment Low-temperature annealing, spheroidizing annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering
Applications Automotive parts, motor shafts, printer shafts, etc.
Facilities Continuous drawing bench: 4 units

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process Manufacturing process