Company History

Nov. 1947 Kyodo Drawn Shaft Co., Ltd. established in Nakagawa-Higashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka under President Kotaro Tsukamoto; Capital: ¥195,000
Nov. 1947
June 1959 Kashima factory completed.
June 1959
June 1960 Company name changed to "Kyodo Shaft Co., Ltd."
June 1960
Aug. 1964 Headquarters moved to Kashima plant.
Aug. 1964
May 1965 Designated as a Technology Improvement Research Factory by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
Oct. 1971 Kyodo Precision Steel Co., Ltd. established. (merged with Kyodo Shaft Co., Ltd. in December 2005)
Mar. 1976 BLK Steel Inc. established (until 1982)
Mar. 1976
Jan. 1977 Kyodo-American Corp. established (until 1995)
Oct. 1978 Tokyo Office opened (until 1998)
Nov. 1981 Exported cold finished steel bar production plant to Canada and gave technical guidance to Laurel Steel in Canada
Jan. 1985 Kyodo Special Steel Wire Co., Ltd. established and started operation.
Jan. 1985
Sept. 1985 Hiroshima Office opened (until 2000)
May 1986 Amagasaki Factory completed.
May 1986
Aug. 1990 Tadakazu Tsukamoto appointed president.
Mar. 1996 Mahajak Kyodo Co., Ltd. established in Thailand.
Mar. 1996
Oct. 1999 Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification: Registration number 0487.
Dec. 2004 Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification: Registration number E960.
June 2006 Capital participation in Kobe Wire Products (Foshan) Co., Ltd.
June 2006
Aug. 2007 Hidaka Factory, Kyodo Precision Steel Co., Ltd. established.
Aug. 2007
Jan. 2008 Kyodo Chromium Plating Plant Co., Ltd. established.
Jan. 2008
Nov. 2011 Masayuki Anzai appointed president.
June 2014 Masayuki Anzai appointed Kyodo Special Steel Wire Co., Ltd. president.